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"Candy war" + competition results

"Candy war" + competition results

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The level of readership in Poland has been alarmingly low for many years. Not only among adults, but also children. The reasons would have to be sought in several places, and listing them would create a long article. It's not the point. I would like to draw attention to something else. According to the latest research, only in 2/5 of homes in 2013 a new book appeared. You will say: there are libraries, the action Free the book, the story of your favorite characters can be borrowed: that's right. You are right. However, if we ask how many houses a new toy appeared in 2013, I think we can expect more frequent answers to "yes" and thus a much better result.

The book is not a toy, although it amuses. The book has no interactive features, glowing diodes, although it teaches. The book expands its vocabulary, although it does not speak on its own. The book is moving, though not traditionally understood image. The book allows the imagination to develop, although it is slightly more demanding than other forms of entertainment available today. After all, a book is an investment. Real, though much more difficult to understand, because in terms of marketing is more difficult during the promotion and requires more from an adult and child.

Forgive this lengthy introduction. However, I decided to start this way, because soon Christmas, and many parents, grandparents, are now deciding what to put in the basket. I recommend the book. Good: follow this section: you will definitely find something suitable. Each of these books has been read and reviewed by some of you. That's why you don't have to buy blindly.

And now to the point.

"Candy Candy" is a magical novel about five-year students, kept in the style of fantasy. Nate, Summer, Trevor and Gołąb are average kids with typical desires: they set up a secret club, have their meeting place and dream every day that they will experience a great adventure. Their desires come true quickly. However, in a way that surpasses even childhood dreams ...

The mysterious Mrs. White comes to a small town, who opens a huge confectionery "Sweet tooth". At first, the children are surprised at the size of the cafe, they are shocked at how many sweets you can buy in it, but over time the number of visitors is so great that the old lady must hire more helpers, and queues in front of the store are everyday life. All because of the magical candies, which, in addition to having an unusual effect (thanks to some you can fly, others allow it to penetrate through the glass, others to shoot lightning), they taste great and it is difficult to resist them.

"Candy War" is absorbed from the first cards. It is hard not to come back to it, even though my profile does not match the ideal reader of this novel. Brandon Mull, author of the best-selling series "Baśniobór" does not allow the reader to be bored. It introduces many threads, including "forbidden" adventures consisting of breaking into a museum, visiting a cemetery, which by the way may not like some parents, but does not deprive young people of dilemmas about how far they can go in their fun. Ba, lets deal with anxieties ...

Mull asks who you can trust ... what to decide? Where is the border between adventure and unnecessary exposure to safety. And the answers to questions should be sought in this position. Not just to learn something, but also just to have fun.

Publisher: Wilga

Price: 39.90 PLN.

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