Reusable diapers PUL

From the manufacturer's description:

"One size pocket from 3-15kg, made of: outer side - smooth fabric, soft to the touch, impervious to PUL (100% polyester). The inner side (a rarity on our market) is made of 100% natural materials, i.e. carbon-bamboo fiber, ideal for babies with a tendency to allergies. Bamboo-carbon fiber is a material with a natural antibacterial and antifungal effect, thanks to which it provides the child with additional protection against possible infections of the genitourinary system. It perfectly lets moisture into the insole, giving your child a feeling of dryness. The set also includes an absorbent core, also made of carbon fiber - a 4-layer core (two outer layers of carbon fiber and two inner layers of microfiber).
The diaper has double rows of naps, which allows better fit of the diaper to the baby's bottom, in addition, delicate elastics sewn into the diaper give complete freedom of movement.
The insert gains full absorbency after a few washes. "

This is the second type of diaper that we have had the opportunity to test for you. We definitely like this proposition more. In our opinion, it is better than the first, because it is smaller, it lies better on the baby's butt and does not increase its size so much.

The diaper is made of delicate materials, is absorbent and comfortable to wash. It has a large number of naps that allow you to adjust the diaper to the baby's build.

Elastics around the thighs are so stretchable that they do not stand on the baby's skin.

This is a good product for parents who want to use multiple disposables.

The only minus is the price: 32 zlotys.