Fisher Price pads

Fisher Price pads

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What draws attention at a glance? Namely, it's easy to be fooled, that there are four blocks in the package ... Meanwhile, there are only three. There is a void in the bottom right corner. The blocks, thus, contradict the principles of physics ... at least, this is how you can learn, but nothing could be more wrong. Under the yellow element there is a plastic part that fills the void.

The blocks are intended for children from six to thirty-six months. They are quite interesting because they have elements to move, to "make noise", make sounds, and pressing the round element at the top makes the balls or pawls move, which attract the baby's gaze. Each block is different.

Generally, the blocks are interesting, they encourage you to play, but their downside is the high weight, as well as the fact that when you decide to buy them, you can be fooled by the specific arrangement of toys in a carton ... Besides, the price could be lower. The blocks cost about 42 zlotys.


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