Overweight in children promotes caesarean section?

Overweight in children promotes caesarean section?

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American scientists are surprising again with the results of the research. This time they were able to determine that children who are born via caesarean section are more likely to be obese.

Researchers at the Boston Children's Hospital in Massachusetts found that the percentage of obese toddlers was up to twice as high in children up to three years born via caesarean section. These conclusions were reached by observing as many as 1,255 women and their children in the years 1999-2002.

The study was started before 22 weeks of gestation, children were weighed just after birth and in the third year of life. 25% of children examined during follow-up were babies born by Caesarean section. 17.5% of them were obese in the third year of life. However, among 75% of naturally born children, only 7.5% were obese.

How do the scientists explain the research results? The weight obtained was influenced by the mothers' weight. Statistically, the problem of overweight was more noticeable for women giving birth by caesarean section than for women giving birth naturally. Scientists speculate that maternal obesity had a strict impact on child obesity. Another reason may be how the delivery method affects the presence of bacteria in the baby's digestive system.