Sophie giraffe

Sophie giraffe

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Sophie's giraffe reached its peak of popularity in Poland a few years ago, when on various portals you could watch the toy in the hands of celebrity children. Although a few winters have passed since then, the giraffe has not been forgotten and still finds many enthusiasts, not only in their homeland: in France, but around the world. Sophie has become synonymous with the perfect gift for a newborn baby.

If daughter teethed painfully, I decided on Sophie, cursing the high price (PLN 59 plus shipping). Unconvinced if the choice pays off, I ordered the toy online. I found it in a classic box 18 cm off-white piece of rubber with brown spots. First associations (especially after pressing the toy) was not the best. Sophie was very close because of this sound for a dog, not a baby toy. Fortunately, the next meeting was already much better.

A giraffe with a story

Sophie's history goes back to 1961, when the first adorable giraffe was born in France. She immediately noticed her exoticism. Before the creation of Sophie, children had the opportunity to play with animals known from their immediate surroundings, the giraffe introduced a revolution in thinking about the world of toys.

Today, around 30 million copies of Sophie are sold worldwide, 800,000 in France alone.

Today, Sophie's giraffe looks the same as over 50 years ago. It is produced consistently using traditional solutions, manually, entirely made of 100% natural rubber (without phthalates) obtained from Havea tree juice (Latex). Sophie covers food paint, thanks to which the baby can suck, bite and mumble Sophie without any obstacles, and she does not respond to such touches and is doing well.

Is it worth it

The first meetings with Sophie did not cause a tremor of the heart. However, over time, the toy became a real hit. Her secret lies in perfect shapesthat are comfortable for small hands: an infant grabbing a giraffe by the neck, maybe massage the gums with Sophie's ears or bite her legs. The child learns to maneuver the toy quickly. In addition, Sophie is soft and light, that's why compared to many of the plastic rattles we have, is completely secure. An infant cannot strike her.

Are there any minuses? In my opinion, yes: the sound of a pipe, which I personally do not like. In addition, toys because of the material cannot be sterilized. The manufacturer allows washing under running water and recommends using soap for this purpose.

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