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Parrot Raft

Parrot Raft

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Mattel producer Parrot Raft is a great game for the whole family, a modern variety of chessmen, much more complex than it. Recommended for three-year-olds, but older children can also play it successfully, without the risk that they will be bored. I assure you: there is no chance.

Also because game rules can be modified to suit your child's age and ability.

  • the game can only consist of stacking the goods (boxes, pineapples, bananas) on a raft with a parrot so that nothing falls from the raft,
  • over time, you can modify the rules of the game, trying to move the raft with the load to the other player, so as not to lose anything along the way,
  • finally you can enter the rule of sliding with one finger and in the right direction.


  • very good workmanship,
  • durability,
  • easy washing,
  • the possibility of independent play,
  • a game for the whole family,
  • small size (ease of transport),
  • the game trains self-control and a good hand,
  • the ability to adapt the game to the players' fitness (thanks to the modification of the rules and a special tab on the bottom of the raft),
  • a game for 2-4 people (and even for one)