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Who should enjoy gifts?

Who should enjoy gifts?

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A few days before "Christmas". I roam the alleys in the hypermarket. A couple of 30-year-olds stand in front of one shelf. "No, that's not it ...", "it's also not", "we bought it a year ago," "for a six-year-old? he has only four ... "" those for four-year-olds are so boring, if I know "," it's banal, he develops so fast ", etc., etc.

I see that choosing a gift causes them a real problem. They have trouble knowing about toys. They don't know what the toddler is interested in, for whom they are looking for a gift. They want something unique, which after pulling out of the box will not let you release yourself. Any products that do not focus attention immediately, because they are quietly lying on the shelf, are out of the question. That is why toys that "sing", "play", shine, or wink are viewed first. Such a hit ...

A better box

Another situation. Godson's birthday. At the meeting, two families: grandparents on both sides, who do not see each other very often. You can see beautiful clothes, careful hairdo, serious faces from the cycle: it will be good, but what to talk about here.

Now it's time to unpack presents. A specific spectacle, competition, who gave more, who hit better, which toy will be more liked, which will attract attention for longer. A doll is pulled out of the packaging, a moment of attention and the cycle flies to the side. Then a book, a puzzle, a playing stove. The panting, tired child begins to whine. Emotions reach their zenith.

In the end, tired, he reaches for the box and plays with it calmly, watching it from all sides and thinking. He puts on his head, tries to get inside, reaches for the pen and dreams of him. "Educational" wonder for "good money" are next to it.

A toy for a child?

When buying a toy for a child, theoretically, we should look for something that will appeal to a particular toddler. It's not easy to choose something interesting. It's not easy to present something unique to an adult.

We know: children's tastes change quite dynamically, besides, most of the toddlers have so many toys that you can have the impression that it is impossible to surprise a few years old.

Gone are the days when the youngest dreamed of building blocks for many months. Usually their desires are satisfied on an ongoing basis and even exaggerated. Children after birth receive playing stuffed animals, teethers, rattles, which they play after a few months. Toys are chosen exaggeratedly, just like clothes, so that they can be used later.

In the meantime, during various holidays, newborns and barely raising heads babies get more toys, which are intended for older children and even yearlings. A three-month baby gets a potty, four-month educational blocks, and a six-month walker or pusher ... When the year ends, the average child has so much that guests choose products for two-year-old children ... and so on.

As a consequence, often when shopping, instead of choosing something for the child, they buy something for themselves. Because the age limit has run out. Therefore, if the child does not play, because he has everything, then at least adults will have fun. We haven't had such toys today.

I am reminded of a situation when, on one holiday between two housing blocks of flats, two big men tried to launch a helicopter miniature. About four years old boy stood next to him bored. I don't know if it's because older men played with the toy, or maybe because the helicopter had a problem with hovering ...

What to buy when the child has everything?

That is the question.

There are reliable products that need only be adjusted to age and interests.

You can have many of the following products:

  • puzzle,
  • books
  • music discs
  • boards with fairy tales.

However, most want to give the child something extra, something that will definitely please, will be remembered for a long time. And it will be unique. Another book or jigsaw puzzle in the adult's assessment is not very attractive.

So what to buy, to be a pioneer, to choose something really extraordinary? Unfortunately, this is not easy. In addition, when buying something for a small child, you have to take into account a different reaction, often far from what was expected.

After unpacking, the child reacts differently. Some kids are happy, others greedily throw at another gift, paying no attention to the first, others find joy in unpacking gifts and when they see everything, they are sad that it's over. There are babies who are crying, others are afraid of what they received. Still others categorically refuse to play with a new toy. Anything could happen…

What can save us? Distance to the whole situation ... or phone call to the child's mum / dad. Sometimes it's worth just asking what to give to a toddler, what will be useful. Even if a toy is in our opinion not very attractive, it is worth remembering that we do not buy it for ourselves or to stand out at a family meeting. We're shopping for a baby. This toy is to serve him. In addition, you don't always like the gift right away. Sometimes a child needs to be familiar with a given object and accept a new toy.

And what is really valuable? Not the gift itself, but the readiness to have fun together. A toddler usually has something to play with, but he doesn't always have someone to play with and does not always know how to do it. Even if the parents do not shun the floor, it is worth helping them too. Yes, as a gift ...