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As a committed tester of free products, I received a packet of Pampers Premium Care diapers in size 4 (weight range 7-18kg) from a certain company. Earlier, my child tried diapers from the same series for newborns. And from what I remember then I was happy with them. Until ... What results did my personal test give?

Pampers Premium Care in size 4 (weight range 7-18kg)

Cons of Pampers Care diapers:

  • the cost of the product (approx. PLN 60) is inadequate to its quality - in this case we really pay primarily for the brand,
  • a small amount (only 52 pieces) of the product in the package,
  • the pictures placed on the belt in the vicinity of the Velcro are discolored, blurred so that the diaper looks unsightly and cheap,
  • the use of a purple shade (the other Pampers are green or completely white) evidently reminds me of a denaturate - raises doubts about the dyes and substances used,
  • a terrible chemical smell that intensifies my association with ethyl alcohol,
  • poor absorbency - after only 1.5-2 hours, the diaper swells very much, if poop happens at that time - the contents flow out and dirty the underwear,
  • cotton cover, which is a lining of diapers, reminds me of the cheapest sanitary napkins on the market, it does not irritate the skin in itself, but does not isolate it from the content excreted by the body,
  • chemical odor combined with even a small amount of urine causes not so much an unpleasant smell, but simply a stench - nose of grandma or daddy (generally a person who does not spend much time with the child during the day and will not recognize the content of the diaper after the smell) will not be able to tell has something harder happened in the diaper, which in consequence is associated with frequent diaper opening,
  • weak adhesive on Velcro, which in combination with the above information causes more frequent diaper changes,
  • small, too small and strangely cut, ruffled frills,
  • putting on - with a busy child, it is fun to open the diaper, rolling the frills in the case of Pampers Care is a real feat,
  • the most important negative - effect on the baby's skin - one Pampers Care diaper per day is the maximum amount of this specific product - the daughter's second pup was flushed, the third showed a sore and you had to invest in Sudocrem.


  • convenient packaging

summarizing- if it depended on me, I would immediately withdraw these diapers from sale. It is a waste of money, too little baby's delicate skin for such experiments. It's good that I could test them for free. I will never make this mistake and I will not buy Pampers Care for my daughter.

Dada - size 4 7-18kg, 54pcs for 28.99 PLN available at Biedronka

Before my friend recommended them to me, I thought that only people who save on their own children buy diapers made for a given market. Carrying my first child, which I had been waiting for five long years under my heart, I was convinced that only expensive, branded diapers (i.e. the most popular Pampers) are the best investment in my baby's health and comfort. When financial issues forced me to look for a cheaper alternative, I decided to try Jeronimo Martins hygienic necessities.

Some information from the manufacturer: diapers have a positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child - Certificate of Health Quality PZH, are free of latex.

Positive points are awarded for:

  • cheerful, colorful pictures that interested my daughter and for a few moments interested me so that I could easily change her, and we know how busy one year old child is,
  • diapers have a perfect shape that adapts to the child's body.
  • very good and durable Velcro, which when opened several times to check the contents of the diaper do not lose adhesion,
  • availability, we can find Biedronka in virtually every city, doing everyday shopping by the way we throw a pack of diapers into the basket, we do not have to look far, order online
  • diapers are very pleasant to the touch, delicate, soft and flexible,
  • have been enriched with aloe vera extract that is not allergic,
  • the front of the diaper is easy to distinguish from the back, although both sides contain the same picture (we have a hippopam with two babies) the reverse of the diaper is decorated with a much larger illustration,
  • despite the fact that I have not met their discount in the newly opened Biedronki diapers Dada can be bought at a promotional price of PLN 19.99 per pack.

 What discouraged me:

  • absorbency - if the child wakes up at night with the need to quench their thirst, I need to change the diaper, otherwise the underwear and the sheet will be wet. During the day, in less than three hours, the diaper swells terribly and clearly disturbs the daughter, making her start to whine
  • they didn't work with teething. Unfortunately, with each new tooth we fought a scalded bottom. Although, as a precaution, I lubricated sensitive baby areas after each diaper change, when I forgot to do so, redness appeared and the wet diaper acted like a red cloth for a bull
  • thickness - you can see a significant difference between Dada diapers and typical Pampers, the former look as if they had more layers.

Babydream nappies, Rossman, size 4 (7- 18kg)

A nice alternative for me. Size 4 (7- 18kg) is available in two packs - 40 diapers for PLN 19.99 and 80 pieces for PLN 39.99.

I'm content with:

  • prices, out of all tested diapers, those in the economic ranking come first - less than 50 PLN per item makes a positive impression,
  • absorbency - there was no unpleasant situation related to the leakage of contents from the diaper. The child slept peacefully in them all night, during the day even after 3 hours she still absorbed pee,
  • from volume - they are thin, you can stuff a lot in a travel bag,
  • sizes - available in many sizes, which allows the diaper to be adjusted to the child's weight and height,
  • odor - they do not smell chemically
  • Velcro - they are strong, hold the diaper well, allow you to check its content several times
  • from a box - ideal for storing toys. My daughter loves to go in and pretend to be driving a vehicle that after attaching the rope I have to pull on the carpet,
  • moisture is retained by means of a laminate in non-woven polypropylene and a polyethylene layer

I was not captivated by them:

  • place of purchase - the nearest Rossman is located a few kilometers from my town
  • no promotion - as with Dada, Babydream nappies are available at a fixed price.

Tame dilemma

It is worth making your own opinion about hygiene measures that are necessary in the first months of our children's lives. What works for our friends' toddlers will not necessarily appeal to us. For diapers, the price and prestige of a brand do not always go hand in hand with consumer satisfaction. For now, my hit are nappies, which I buy in Rossman. Although there are no ideals, I am still looking for diapers that will conquer my child's heart and mine.

Pampers or Dada?

Like Ewa, I assumed that unbranded diapers, available in supermarkets and manufactured for their needs, was the worst evil. I could not imagine raising my daughter without the Pampers ... I thought that only they could protect my bottom from getting chafed and clothes from getting dirty.
The first package we bought was PPremium Care amps. Unfortunately, the cost surprised us unpleasantly. After quickly calculating the number of pieces used (during breastfeeding and the first weeks, when poop landed in the diaper after each weaning), the purchase of Premium Care Pampers turned out to be an attempt on the wallet. The price is truly cosmic, although we could not complain about the quality and absorbency of the diapers.
Over time, we switched to Active Baby diapers. They were with us several times. Unfortunately, they were not perfect either. Due to the fact that I fed my daughter quite a long time only breastfeeding, and the first solid meals she began to eat about 6 months, "liquid giant poop" were with us for a long time. After every pile, you had to change not only the diaper, but also the body ... This motivated me to convince my daughter to dinner with jars and desserts.
They turned out to be our favorite Sleep and Play diaperswhich you can get in the supermarket for around 35 zlotys. In my opinion, they are more absorbent than Dada Biedronków (which in turn win due to availability, low price and generally good quality). Today we use Dada and Pampers Sleep and Play interchangeably.

DorotaWife, wife, mother. After a brief reflection - in that order. He does not like exaggeration and pushing only one trend in education.