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Holidays with a child: what has changed?

Holidays with a child: what has changed?

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There is a view that holidays with children are magical. They allow you to rediscover the true joy of unwrapping presents and the satisfaction of small things: making Christmas decorations together, baking gingerbread, decorating windows, terraces and balconies.

What is the difference between holidays with children and without them?

Decorating Christmas tree

Before the children appear, the Christmas tree is often dressed in one color, in a strictly defined way. Decorations must match and harmonize with home furnishings. It is either gold and shiny, or in red and classic or snowy and soft, winter. All tacky decorations fall off, there is no room for cases. It has to be perfect, like in the residence of a perfect housewife.

And how is later? When a child begins to crawl, many parents give up a large Christmas tree in favor of a smaller one, set on a shelf: for safety, to avoid possible consequences of pulling the bauble or checking the stability of the structure. When a toddler can already hang decorations, he chooses interesting places for them, hanging baubles at the end of the branches. Unless the parent hangs the decorations, the Christmas tree is dressed in a rather fanciful way: there is a lot of decorations on one side, and the other part remains forgotten. A Christmas tree in one color is not beautiful, but it is shiny with all colors with various decorations, and often objects that were not theoretically created for hanging on the Christmas tree.

When the child is already about two years old, the first decorations are hung on the Christmas tree: paper, salt, paper, crepe. It is usually even more interesting later. The possibilities of the toddler are growing, and the decorations on the Christmas tree are becoming more and more interesting.

Christmas clothes

Before the birth of a child, my Christmas creation was carefully selected before I decided on a specific dress and accessories many times I looked at my reflection in the mirror.Ot, such a symptom of narcissistic disposition typical of the average woman.

Now I rarely have time for this. I prefer other additions than before: instead of long earrings or pendants that tempt the hands of the smallest children too much, I choose Santa's hat and a shining (and sometimes playing !!) nose of a reindeer ... I can't believe I publicly admitted it;)