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From the manufacturer's description: "Earmuffs ear muffs are distinguished by the fact that they are constructed in such a way that they do not need a headband, they are worn directly on the ears. They do not spoil hairstyles ... so you can wear them for almost any style. Perfect for active recreation. Versions of "helmet" ear muffs have a helmet clip, which will surely please cyclists, skiers and all active people who freeze their ears on cold days.
Earmuffs ear muffs are also produced in children's sizes, with sweet designs for the youngest. "

Earmuffs earmuffs arrived at the editorial office address. An inconspicuous product in a small package in the eyes of our little tester was rated as attractive. We quickly learned why: less than three years old were convinced that they were headphones for playing music. When she learned the truth, after initial disappointment, she began to try to put on ear muffs. She had a problem with it, asking every now and then how to put it on. However, with my mother's help: we succeeded.

Prize in the competition

What impressions?

  • in our case, the pros include the girl's willingness to wear ear pads,
  • evaluation of ear pads by a small tester "as nice",
  • interesting design, allowing a slight bending of the earmuff structure and attaching it to the ear, thanks to which it does not fall or slip,
  • biggest benefit: ear muffs protect your ears from cold.

How to use ear muffs?

Earmuffs for children will work well when cycling (in combination with a helmet), on warmer winter days, when you can put on a lighter hat or, for example, when skating. However, it's probably best to use them in early spring or late autumn.

Ear muffs could be available in more designs. We have a choice of 5-6.

Price: 69 PLN.

Our assessment:

(we subtract half a star for a price that could be more attractive and a small number of designs)

Attention, contest!

If you could only choose one piece of clothing, without which you can't imagine winter? What would it be

Justify the answer.

Among the comments left under this entry, we will select one of the most interesting. We will send earmuffs for the child to the winner (visible above in the photo).

The competition runs until December 22 inclusive.

We encourage you to have fun!