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Priority safe - NOT for mothers with children?

Priority safe - NOT for mothers with children?

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How is it with these priority cash registers in the Carrefour chain of stores?

Unfortunately, each Carrefour store gives different information. In some Carrefour stores cashiers call mothers with children to handle out of order, while others are outraged that mother and child take precedence. Inaccuracies are also within one store. The situation that happened to me proves that the Ladies of Cash Supervision have a different opinion from the ladies of the information.

The picture, which informs about priority boxes, showing a disabled person in a wheelchair and a pregnant woman holding a child in her arms can also be interpreted ambiguously. What I learned recently while shopping at Carrefour.

Recently I was shopping at Carrefour with a 5-month-old child who was in a car seat.

I came only for 3 things that I needed. I came across the idea that if there is priority, why not choose it?

It is known what shopping with children looks like and how they bear them ... So I went to the cashier and apologized to the people standing in front of me asking if I could be served before them because I have only 3 things and you had the whole basket in front of me, I informed that it is a priority, as you can see in the picture - I added. They agreed without a problem, because they had not even finished unpacking the shopping from the basket, and the cashier was sitting at that time, waiting for the last thing to be put on the tape.

After a while, the cashier whispered to customers in the queue that I was wrong, because this one the cash register is for disabled people and pregnant women, not for mothers with children.

In line it caused outrage and in short, after the cashier's intervention, I got hit by several people. Some argued that there is a mother with a child in the picture, but she is holding her in her arms, and I have a child in the car seat, not in my arms, why do I push?

For me it is absurd... it is as if a disabled person with crutches came to the cashier and someone accused her of having no priority because the picture shows a person in a wheelchair. Or if there are parking spaces depicting mother and child, does the picture mean that father with a child cannot use such a place?

I was appalled at the whole situation, so I went to the information to clarify the matter. I have been informed that most of the money is intended for a parent with a child. Unfortunately, the Cash Supervision Manager had a different opinion, and yet she is the manager of the cash registers, so she knows better.

This case did not leave me alone, so I decided to ask by e-mail what the "mountain" would say:


With reference to your application below, I am sending the response of the Cashier Manager:


With reference to your letter regarding the destination of the priority coffers, we would like to regret the situation that took place on 01.12.2013.
We would like to sincerely apologize for all the confusion that resulted from the ignorance of the employee of the Supervisory Board.
At the same time, we would like to inform you that the Cash Supervision Employee, who participated in the whole situation, received a reprimand and was properly trained in the use of privileged funds.
Of course, you were absolutely right about the use of priority coffers - it is also intended for mothers with young children.
Once again, we apologize for the situation and invite you to shop again in our store.

Manager of the Cash Department

So parents shopping with toddlers, if you need them, you can go ahead with priority cash registers.