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Safe swimming ring with seat

Safe swimming ring with seat

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The wheel-chair for swimming is available in a round or square version. They can be obtained in different colors, but most often they are available in yellow, which is on one hand a universal color, suitable for both boy and girl, on the other - the color is perfectly noticeable on the water. Among the proposals there are also those that have a headrest, increasing the comfort of bathing a toddler who can lean on it, or those that do not have a headrest - thanks to which it is easier to put the toddler into the wheel (you do not need to ensure that the headrest is located behind neck).

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It is enough to put the toddler in a circle so that the child floats safely on the water and the parents have both hands free. Thanks to this, you can show your baby various toys, gently spin the wheel, imitate waves, etc.

The wheel has special "panties" that allow you to put your toddler on so that the child floats safely on the water (displaced by the wheel), with his legs submerged under water.
Most wheels have several air chambers (for example four), which increase comfort (the possibility of blowing all chambers in turn) safety (in case a hole appears in the wheel structure, other chambers remain) using them.

Possibility to buy a wheel adapted to the child's age: there are models for toddlers from about six months to a year, as well as those that are suitable for children from 1 year old and up.
The material from which the swimming wheel is made works well both in the pool and in the sea bath. The material is light, strong, resistant to sunlight, oil and salt.

The only disadvantage of a wheel with a swimming seat for children is probably only the necessity of blowing it (the wheel does not inflate by itself :) and the fact that not all children's pools you can bring toys, including wheels from the outside (only the use of product facility).


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