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How to make artificial snow?

How to make artificial snow?

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Snow holidays are a dream of many people. Unfortunately, the last months gave us white Easter, and Christmas Eve promises to be like early spring rather than winter ...

Therefore, I suggest you have fun preparing snow at home ... The following recipes will allow you to prepare an illusion-like substance that does not melt at room temperature.

How to do it?

Snow from baking soda

If you dream of making a snowman on Christmas, it's possible. All you need is baking soda (used for baking gingerbreads) and a bit of shaving foam. By mixing these two ingredients you will get a plastic mass from which you can form balls.

Artificial snow is fantastically soft, silky smooth, fresh. It is not cold. Unfortunately, it also has a disadvantage: it smells ... like shaving foam;)

Recipe for artificial snow: loose

If you are not interested in making a snowman, but only to empty the table or decorate some child's work, you can make artificial snow in two ways:

  • cutting plastic bags into very small pieces - I warn you this is quite a tedious method,
  • cutting very fine white yarn (same as above).

Artificial snow from a disposable diaper

Another suggestion to test is snow ... from a reusable diaper. No, it's not a joke.

This method was presented by the Institute of Secrets Discovery operating at the Institute of Physics of the University of Silesia, dr Dariusz Kajewski and Lech Polakowski. Just pull out the center of the diaper (cut it and pull out the granules there) and pour it with water to create a plastic mass.

The polymer increases (up to 10 times) its volume, creating a white fluff with a plastic, gel consistency. You can easily make a snowball from it.

Unfortunately, we would need a minimum of 20 diapers for a snowman.

See the presentation step by step.

Of course, artificial snow can also be bought ... but it's more interesting to do it with children. Brick fun!