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Coloring mascot - color round with Aqua Studio

Coloring mascot - color round with Aqua Studio

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When I saw this toy, I must admit that I was skeptical. I was afraid that the manufacturer's assurances saying that the mascot could be washed and re-colored all the time was just a marketing ploy that motivated Grandma Oliwka to buy this product for Mikołajki. :) Meanwhile, the original mascot that can be colored many times is a fact. Tested and confirmed fact!Aqua Studio is a manufacturer of toys designed mainly for bathing. A set of creative painting round is a proposal of mascots of various shapes: (doll, horse, dog): for cuddling, coloring and bathing. This toy is noteworthy for small artists and those toddlers who love to bathe in the company of all their favorite stuffed animals. Thanks to it, negotiations can be concluded: which toys we take to the water and which toys are absolutely unsuitable for soaking.

Each toy in the "Creative round coloring" series has a garment with several shapes in the form of patterns. which are prepared for coloring. The set includes four markers (you cannot use any type of marker pen): green, purple, orange and blue.

Our mascot: the dog also has interesting ribbons around the ears, called by kitty daughter. Our less than three years old decorates them with elastics and tries to braid them from them. Rather, she fails, but what will take a while is our ...

The manufacturer recommends washing the dog's cup, preferably up to 48 hours after painting. We washed the clothes (which are easily removed) several times, choosing a short washing program. Each time the clothes were washed perfectly.

Age: 3+

Price: 37 PLN

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