Ikea withdraws known lights!

Ikea withdraws known lights!

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Millions of very popular Ikea children's lamps have been discontinued. All after the child got tangled up in the cable: he writes "Edmonton Journal." Ikea asks all parents who bought lamps from the "Smila" series to come to the store to receive a set that allows the cable to be attached to the wall. The cable from the Ikea lamp suffocated a 16-month-old child a few days ago. The second 15-month was barely saved. Two unfortunate situations occurred in Europe.

Over 23 million of these lamps have been sold all over the world.

Ikea recalls products. However, could the tragedy be prevented?

Here is the Ikea statement:

"Ikea asks all customers who have a SMILA wall lamp to check its mounting location immediately, paying particular attention to how the cable is attached, making sure it is out of reach of the child in the cot or playpen and is securely attached to the wall. Loosely hanging lamp cord can suffocate infants and young children. "