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Animal sounds for children, i.e. we learn to speak ...

Animal sounds for children, i.e. we learn to speak ...

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Toddlers learn to speak by imitating overheard sounds.

The experience of parents indicates that it is best to start learning by repeating simple sounds, for example, animals loved by children.

How's the dog doing?

Children learn the fastest by seeing animals live. The first moments of learning together are during the walks. Often, more than a year old toddlers demand looking for a dog on a walk, or visiting ducks on a city pond or on a nearby lake to observe swans. Of course, birds and squirrels also bring joy.

A walk in search of animals will be an interesting experience, it will diversify the day together, it will also allow you to hear live "animal speech" and talk about the world of fauna and flora.

Books with animal sounds

A sound book for children is an interesting idea for kids. The simplest books (which we get for about 8-10 zlotys) describe the adventures of one pet, for example a kitty and have one button, which when pressed allows you to hear a mew, and more complex are dedicated to, for example, pets and have several or several dozen buttons in the set.

Booklet with 30 Wilga buttons, price around 45 PLN.

Mascots that make sounds

There are mascots on the market that, when pressed: croak, meow, bark, etc. However, it can be said that they are the least useful in learning to speak and imitate sounds. Although you can consider their choice, especially for children who have a preference for a particular species from the world of fauna, however, they should be treated as a mere cuddly toy than a gadget that will help in learning to speak.

Toys with animal sounds - Children's farm

Shelves in children's stores bend under the weight of toys that reproduce the sounds of animals. Some have been prepared in a careful way, others unfortunately do not resemble the original, scream and are unpleasant to the ear. In addition to games, we have access to telephones with animal voices, laptops and many more. You can venture to say that each manufacturer has at least several products that imitate the sound of animals. Here are some examples.

Game Karotka - Talking Farm price around 70 zlotys