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Pablo stained-glass paints

Pablo stained-glass paints

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When the holidays are approaching, each of us not only cleans and buys gifts, but also decorates our home. As soon as I saw stained glass paints in the estate shop, I immediately imagined what would appear on the window in my house.

Stained-glass gel paints are not strange to me, because due to working with children, I used them often, so this time I decided that I could manage.

How to paint with stained glass paints?

Painting with gel paints is very simple, all you have to do is put a sketch of the picture you want to draw into the T-shirt (unless you are talented, we draw it without), then with black paint we draw the contours of the picture so that everything blends together exactly. Then fill with any colors, remembering not to leave an unpainted surface.

Then we leave the picture to dry overnight, then peel off the T-shirt and stick to any place: glass, mirror, cup or vase.

Palo stained-glass paints - kit

I came across Pablo stained-glass stains from the Polish company HIRSCH - POL Sp. z o.o., the packaging contained small templates, small foil, 1 black contour paint and 4 colored paints with a capacity of 25 ml.

Unfortunately, paint disappointed me a lot. The colors were supposed to be glowing, but they are far from such, even though I used a large amount to paint, but the paints are very pale, too pale and transparent for this type of paint. Drawing the contours, I had to work a lot to get the paint out of the bottle, because it was too thick.

During the coloring they came out of the paint unsightly air bubbles, some of them I was able to simply blow away, but there were so many that not only discouraged from further painting, but also spoiled the entire visual effect of the picture (I will point out that the paints were not expired, they are valid until 7/24/16).

Another disappointment came the next day, when I wanted to stick the picture on the glass. The paint has cracked in some places (which should not have), as a result it was hard to peel off the picture from the shirt, let alone stick to the glass.

Paints are intended for children over 3 years old, as the manufacturer suggests, which I completely disagree with. It is not possible for even a few years older child to get even a liner out of a bottle, besides, the difficulty of painting with this type of paint in general is quite high, at least for a 6-year-old.

The price of paints seems attractive: 17 PLN per set (I will remind 5 pieces of 25 ml), while we already buy really good stained glass gel paint for 8 PLN for 80 ml, so Pablo paints do not look good.
As for me, an obvious kit, because it simply does not fulfill its basic function. I do not recommend!


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