When the child begins to sit ...

When the child begins to sit ...

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The average child begins to sit for several or several minutes without support around the seventh month. Some babies, however, acquire this skill earlier: already in the sixth month of life, because already at this stage their muscles are strong enough to meet this task. Keeping the head and sitting upright is often helped by putting the child down on the stomach and encouraging them to play on the floor.

A better perspective

For an adult, sitting is natural. For a small child, a real revolution comes with her.

It is no wonder then that the child, when he can finally sit down, smiles significantly, showing how proud he is. After all, in the sitting position, the baby sees everything more accurately, can look around without restrictions, has free hands that examine everything without any obstacles. During the walk, the shining position gives an amazing view of reality. During the bath, it allows you to play splashing and study the appearance of your hands underwater, and at home quickly increases the possibility of play.

Seat learning: no rush

Each parent should observe the child and evaluate not only his willingness but also his options. If the toddler is eager to sit, you can give his hands to hold on to them, but without helping by pulling up (especially when the toddler is four months old and when his muscles are probably not ready for such an effort). Too early planting is not good for your child.

Children often worn upright and staying in a deckchair for a long time fall into sitting position. However, if the toddler also spends a lot of time on his tummy, there is no reason to worry. It's worse when he wants to sit down and his muscular and osteoarticular system is not prepared for it.

When does a child sit unsupported?

Some tutorials indicate that a seven-month-old baby should sit unsupported for 20 minutes. However, this is a suggestion, average. It is important to remember that every child is different and develops at an individual pace. The parent should accept this fact and do not accelerate anything.

The reason for visiting a doctor is the lack of stable seating at the age of nine to ten months.

When does a child learn to sit down?

Sitting unsupported when a baby is seated is a different skill than moving from a prone position to a sitting position. The latter step is much more complicated. Some babies are taught in the age of eight months, and most between the ages of seven and ten. Most can sit down when they have mastered all fours, so it is normal for a child pulling himself to stand, but not a crawler, may have a problem moving from standing to sitting.


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