Best prices for shopping for children

Best prices for shopping for children

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Where to shop for children How can you reduce the cost of buying the most-needed items? Browse our weekly shopping list to help you save at home.


  • Nestle porridge for children in Carrefour at the price of 5.77 PLN for one pack when buying 4 packets.
  • Gerber fruit desserts in jars at Super-Pharm for PLN 2.79 (various packaging).
  • Gerber juices for children at Super-Pharm at PLN 3.99 per 300ml.
  • Hipp Bio ready meals at Super-Pharm for children in 220g jars for PLN 4.99 (with a LifeStyle card),
  • BoboVita 4 children's dessert at the price of 3, when buying 4 pieces one jar at the price of 2.24 PLN in Carrefour.


  • Pampers Giga Pack Premium Care Jumbo diapers at Carrefour for PLN 49.79.
  • diapers Pampers different sizes in Auchan for PLN 38.99.
  • Pampers diapers Active Baby diapers in Tesco supermarkets for 120 zlotys, pack of 186, while with Clubcard the price is 88 zlotys (various sizes).
  • Pamper Premum Care diapers (all sizes) at PLN 39.99 at Super-Pharm.
  • Dada Premium diapers in Biedronka (mini 156 items, midi 108 items, maxi 108 items, etc.) in Biedronka for PLN 49.99.
  • Pampers Sleep & Play diapers at Real supermarkets at a price of 25 per pack (when buying two diaper packs at the same time)
  • Dada Premium wet wipes 4 packs in Biedronka at PLN 12.99.
  • Pampers baby wipes in Carrefour at PLN 24.99 for 6 packs.
  • Nivea wet wipes 3 + 1 pack in Real for PLN 19.89.
  • Johnson's baby wet wipes for PLN 4 with Clubcard at Tesco or without a card for PLN 8.29.
  • a set of shampoo and liquid soap or shampoo by Bobini for PLN 11.99 at Super-Pharm.
  • Nivea wet wipes at Super-Pharm for 1 penny when you buy Nivea products for a minimum of PLN 20.
  • Syrena children's bath sponges for PLN 6.99 at Super-Pharm
  • 1.9 kilogram Dzidziuś powder at the Polo Market for PLN 12.99 instead of PLN 17.99.
  • Dzidziuś washing balm at Polo Market for PLN 9.99.
  • Johnson's Baby shampoo for 9.99 in Real supermarkets

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Super Pharm 11/11/12/12/2013
Net from 09/12/13
Carrefour 04/12 - 09/12/2013
Polo Market 12/12/10/12.
Biedronka from 21/11/2013
Auchan from December 4 to December 10, 2013


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