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"Second and third years of a child's life"

"Second and third years of a child's life"

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The guidebook "The second and third years of a child's life" is a continuation of the well-known "parenting bible" "In anticipation of a child". People who have had the opportunity to become acquainted with other duo's positions: Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel are happy to reach for him.

Similarly to other proposals, this one was created in a proven scheme: it combines theoretically chapters describing the development of children in individual months with fragments of the most frequently asked questions, problems that may bother parents at a specific stage of child development.

Topics apply to children ending the year, and the last chapters focus on three-year-olds. In addition to many tips, in the book you will find aids such as percentile grids, tables in a clear and transparent way describing the management of the most common diseases, suggestions for places to look for when searching for information on specific issues. In addition, there is an index at the very end that makes using the book easier.

Like the other guides of the above-mentioned authors, this book is also in a balanced style, on the one hand it calms down, on the other it does not allow you to ignore the most important symptoms that may suggest serious trouble.

Are there any cons, underdeveloped places? Rather not ... However, while in the case of "In anticipation of a child" the reader received relatively clear, specific answers, in relation to already one or two-year-old children it is not so simple, because it can not be easy. Therefore, people who are looking for unambiguous and always working tips may be disappointed that the guide leaves a lot of space for individual childcare and often suggests many solutions that you need to test yourself. Still, it is worth having this book in your library. It's a great gift idea for every parent. I would recommend!

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