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Salt snowmen

Salt snowmen

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Winter is just around the corner, gray, buro and cold outside. And although there are a dozen or so days left until the calendar change of the season, going out due to the cold limits the time of walks to the minimum necessary for health. A toddler often gets bored of everyday fun at home, but all you need is a few creative ideas so that there is no reason to be bored.

Here and there snow has already appeared, but there is not much of it and making the desired snowman is still impossible. Or maybe a snowman made of salt?

Standard recipe for salt mass:

  • 1 cup of fine salt,
  • 2 cups of wheat flour,
  • half a glass of warm water

Pour the ingredients into a bowl, add water enough that the mass does not stick to the hands, but it is not too hard. The dough needs to be kneaded to dissolve as much salt as possible.

To prepare snowmen, we need:

  • salt mass
  • 2 cups (larger and smaller)
  • roller
  • knife
  • toothpick
  • poster paints (preferably non-toxic)
  • water in a cup and a small brush
  • oven

How is a snowman made of salt mass?

Salt mass should be rolled out into a thin cake about 0.5 cm. We cut circles in succession with a glass. We cut out the same number of smaller glass circles (snowman's head) as larger (snowman's torso).

Then glue the wheels together so that the body of the snowman with the head is formed. In order for the snowman's head and tummy to hold well, they should be lightly brush smeared with water at the connection point.

The next step is making hats. What hats snowmen will have depends on our creativity. To make a Santa hat, you need to cut a triangle from the rolled out dough, stick it to the snowman's head with water and roll it up (so that a hat with a falling pompom).

You can also make a half-round cap, just squeeze the circle with a glass on the mass, cut them in half and stick the snowman to the head with water. Caps can be made of pompoms (balls made of salt mass are glued to the cap with water) and fur shells (the cut out mass strip is glued on the joint between the cap and the snowman's head).

When the snowman already has a hat, you must wear a scarf. Cut out a 1.5 cm wide strip of salt and adjust the length to the size of the snowman.

Scarfs are attached with a brush moistened with water and give the desired shape, the tips can be lightly pressed with a knife to create tassels.

The final stage of making a snowman is sticking buttons on the belly and nose on the snowman's mouth (they need to be properly formed from salt mass and glued with water). If you want the snowman to be a hanging ornament (e.g. hung on a Christmas tree) with a toothpick, you need to make a hole on the cap so that a ribbon or thread passes through it.

To make the snowmen harden, transfer them to a baking tray lined with baking paper and put in the oven until they harden, setting a low temperature.

The temperature for drying snowmen depends on the oven. I dried mine for 2 hours by adjusting the temperature, first at 100 degrees, then 60, the last half hour at 120 degrees with hot air, so that it turns brown slightly. Check from time to time whether the snowmen harden, if not, increase the temperature slightly. You cannot bake them at a high temperature, because the bubbles will form, on the top they will be brown, and on the inside they will be soft, so that they can then mold or crumble.

After baking, snowmen must be cooled and then painted accordingly.

Painting is best started by painting the snowman's head and belly in white. Then, in order, I recommend painting hats, scarf, eyelets, face and buttons at your own discretion.

If we care about the durability of snowmen, you can spray them (in the open air) with clear varnish, but if they are to be used to play with children, they would be better left without chemical additives.


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