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Mustela foam shampoo for newborns

Mustela foam shampoo for newborns

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Mustela shampoo is one of those products that I would love to pick up for children: it has a beautiful fragrance, delicate foam formula and spreads great. The fact that it does not sting the eyes is nothing new, because baby shampoos are mild and I do not know those that would cause this type of irritation. Its advantage is also that it effectively, although gently cleanses the scalp and refreshes the hair, which after washing becomes smooth and light. A few months after delivery, when my children's hair was exceptionally thin, using Mustela resulted in them lifting up.


  • can be used from the first day of the child's life (except for premature babies in hospital),
  • removes cradle cap (I confirm: admittedly: he cannot confidently deal with strong scales, but he managed to remove the cradle cap in our case, also when the changes came back when the daughter was two years old),
  • prevents the appearance of cradle cap (I do not know if it is a question of the fact that children have grown up or the effect of this shampoo, but in the case of a younger son, using this preparation significantly shortened the time of skin changes).
  • allows easy measuring of shampoo doses by pressing a convenient pump,
  • hypoallergenic, minimizes the risk of an allergic reaction,
  • a light, interesting smell
  • can be used for seborrheic dermatitis on the face (with such a recommendation I met with a dermatologist), nicely heals changes,
  • easy to wash,
  • very efficient (when used every other day it is enough for about 8 months).


  • price (around PLN 30-35)
  • I do not know if this is just my problem or general, but the foam form encourages you to press the dispenser several times, which means that more shampoo is needed than needed.

I would not expect that Mustela Baby shampoo will cope with strong, persistent cradle cap, if we do not combine its use with a special preparation, however, as preventive measure can be used successfully. In addition, I recommend it for young children. The price in relation to quality and performance is easier to accept. It no longer looks so discouraging.