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Most popular bears

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Do you know this joke? What are the most popular bears in Poland? "I do not want to… ". There is something about it.

However, today with slightly different teddy bears. Teddy bears, those who are not missing in the room of any child. I think every toddler has at least one teddy bear: big, small and even huge. Teddy bears already appear on carousels hung on cots, as small toys above the stroller and over time become guardians of the child's sleep.

Teddies in stores reflect commercial prototypes, teddy bears no name, as well as handmade cuddly toys. To choose, to color.

First bears

Teddy bear as a toy debut in the nineteenth century, when stuffed animals began to sew Margarete Steif, a German disabled person, paralyzed by Heine-Medine disease. In 1880, the nephew of a woman came up with the idea of ​​improving handmade toys and opened the first factory where teddy bears, children's toys were produced.

In 2002, the 100th anniversary of the toy was established World Teddy Bear Day. Today we celebrate it every year on November 15.

Winnie the Pooh bear

The first book about Winnie the Pooh appeared in 1926. The plush that we know today is a Disne character. To a lesser extent, the charming hero of Milne's fairy tales. Today Winnie the Pooh is a trademark of The Walt Disney Company.

Uszatek bear

Bear Uszatek is the main goodnight hero emitted in 1957-1987. The figure of the charming bear was known from the tale of Czesław Janczarski. The bear was a toy on the one hand, a friend of all young children on the other, a friend from kindergarten, adored and admired.

Colargol Bear

A character from a fairy tale broadcast in 1967-1974. Created by French writer Olga Pouchine. The bear from the film is known in Poland and France as Colargol, in the USA, Great Britain as Barnaby, and in Canada as Jeremy.

Carring Teddy bears

American-Canadian-French proposal. The characters of caring bears were created in 1981. In the fairy tale there are a lot of teddy bears that are friends with each other and have their own responsible missions.


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