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Check where to shop so that it is the cheapest. The following list collects only the latest promotions for children's articles.


  • Bebiko Junior milk 2 × 350 g in Net price of PLN 29. Single package in Real for PLN 22.99.
  • BoboVita rice porridge in Kaufland 180 g for PLN 3.99 instead of 5.15.
  • Hipp dishes for children in Real for PLN 4.99.
  • BoboVita children's dessert in Real at 6.59 zlotys for two jars.
  • Humana tea for children in Real for PLN 12.99.


  • Pampers diapers (various types) price for one pack in Carrefour PLN 39.99.
  • Sleep & Play pampers at the Polo Market for PLN 19.99.
  • Cleanic Kindii wipes in Kaufland for PLN 3.99.
  • Johnson's Baby baby wipes in Carrefour at PLN 17.99 for 4 packs.
  • Pampers wet wipes in Real at PLN 24.99 instead of PLN 29.99.
  • Bobini bath lotion in Real for PLN 6.99.
  • Johnson's Baby baby oil in Real for PLN 9.99.
  • Sudocrem cream for children in Real for PLN 25.95.

Toys and accessories

  • 100 cm teddy bear in Kaufland for PLN 44.99
  • Baby Clown in Carrefour for PLN 7.99

Promotion time
Kaufland November 21-27, 2013
Net until November 24, 2013
Real 21-27.11.2013
Carrefour November 20-25, 2011
Tesco November 21-27, 2013
Polo Market November 20 - November 26, 2013