They receive 200 pounds for breastfeeding

They receive 200 pounds for breastfeeding

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British Sheffield University has an interesting idea for promoting breastfeeding. The university has created a program which included 130 mothers from poorer regions, where breastfeeding is rare and 3/4 of women feed only with a bottle. She offered 200 pounds in exchange for breastfeeding. All this is to break the taboo and convince you that breastfeeding is healthy and comfortable.

The program is currently being tested. Scientists hope that thanks to him it will be possible to overcome prejudices related to the administration of natural food. In England, breastfeeding is considered embarrassing and even coarse in many circles. Young mothers were rarely breast-fed themselves. Most often they have no knowledge about lactation, they have not seen how to breastfeed. They are not taught this skill, they do not consider it natural, so they reach for a bottle.

Statistics are very boring. According to them, only 35% of women in the UK breastfeed at least once after delivery. These are some of the worst results in the world.