"Perfect diaper for my baby" competition

"Perfect diaper for my baby" competition

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We invite you to take part in the next competition organized on our website. In cooperation with BoboLider, we have prepared for you a game where you can win reusable diapers for children and discount vouchers for shopping in the store.

Fun rules

BoboLider diaper

Finish the sentence:

"The perfect diaper for my baby ..."

Reply to address [email protected] with the note "perfect diaper". Don't forget to sign (name and surname).

We will reward the three most interesting answers.

Duration of the competition

The competition runs from November 18 to December 2, 2013 (inclusive, until 24:00).


  1. 1st prize: three diapers from the ECO Polandia series in a universal size for a newborn, baby and elderly child (3-16kg).
  2. 2nd prize: 10% discount card for purchases at the BoboLider store.
  3. Third prize: a 5% discount card for purchases at the BoboLider store.

Detailed rules of the competition Bobolider reg.

About the producer

Bobolider is a producer of one of the cheapest reusable diapers, along with all the necessary range for them. The materials from which diapers and diapers are made have the appropriate certificates, and the diapers and other accessories themselves have been tested by the manufacturer's son and children of employees, and in addition by thousands of children in Poland and abroad.

Prize in the competition, BoboLider diaper

Reusable diapers from the ECOwzorki-2 series are a new collection for 2014 designed by Polish designer (Joanna Sowa from Ho Ho Design). The manufacturer was particularly interested in patterns based on Polish climates, cheerful and at the same time interesting.

In addition to the patterns, these diapers differ from other nappies available on the market. In this version we have two rows of naps and, what is important for the smallest children, diapers are fastened with a "fold", which allows them to fit well.

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