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Adorablne caterpillar-rattle-teether worm

Adorablne caterpillar-rattle-teether worm

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This is one of the toys of unknown origin, which by its very description can be misleading. Why? The manufacturer stated on the packaging that the toy is suitable for children from six months of age. On the reverse, however, there is a small sticker that explains that the toy is intended for a child who is over a year old. Some sources, especially foreign websites, suggest that the caterpillar is intended for children over 18 months ... What is more responsible, the seller protects himself by providing information on the packaging that the toy is intended for older children. Unfortunately, this information can not be found everywhere ... and this leads to misunderstandings and makes many parents buy a toy to be disappointed.

The toy is heavy and bulky. For small hands of a child who is just starting to sit down is not suitable at all. When it accidentally falls out of your hands, the impact can be very painful. A child of six months will not cope with twisting individual elements, which a parent must help. Hence, a toy for a few months old baby is not only impractical but also dangerous.

The toy has many possibilities. The parent is able to offer the baby a lot of attractions affecting many senses. The caterpillar head rotates 360 degrees, giving it a distinctive scratching sound. The second segment, on the other hand, has a built-in mirror, while its movement also has a characteristic scratching. The third segment is equipped with colorful balls that bounce when shaking the toy. The fourth element has been equipped with movable elements, rims and wheels, which are permanently attached to the toy and have various insets. The rims are designed to replace the teether. The fifth segment has a movable semicircle and also rotates around its axis, making a scratching sound. The last element is the tail of the caterpillar, which also rotates.

So much in theory. How does the toy work in practice? Unfortunately it's not good. Already after a few months (the toy bought when the daughter was half a year old, was not used by her, but presented in the play by us and given to the daughter with great care so that she would not hurt her!), individual segments no longer scratching happily when rotating (and it was this sound that was most enthusiastically received by the daughter). Additionally moving hoops that were to serve as teethers did not fulfill this function. Assuming that the toy is recommended for children over a year, it is difficult to expect that the toddler will fully use it - in the form of the aforementioned teether. In addition - as above - the toy is heavy and bulky. The eyes and lips painted on the caterpillar's "head" are impermanent because they erase. The toy is difficult to clean. Water easily gets into it, which causes some of its elements to coating from the inside.

The price is a plus (around PLN 15). Although this is a weak argument to buy a toy. It is worth adding a few zlotys and choosing a toy adapted to the child's age and safe, and not one that we will be afraid to give to the toddler and which will not cause as much joy as a hastily made "home rattle", or a plastic bottle with peas.