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Halloween: an excuse to have fun or a weird holiday?

Halloween: an excuse to have fun or a weird holiday?

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Supposedly every reason is good to celebrate. Since you can celebrate the existence of donuts, mushrooms, celebrate Desk Cleaning Day, Day without plastic packaging, it is not appropriate to downplay the rank of All Saints' Day. Should the remains of the Celtic rite be treated as an excuse to have fun, or, on the contrary, should Halloween be kept away?Just remind the beginnings of Polish Valentine's Day and the skeptical attitude of our countrymen to flaunt their feelings ... It was almost the same with Halloween.

Some people find it hard to accept running dead streets (zombies, vampires and Frankenstein) or bands of dressed kids circling between properties who terrorize their neighbors and use emotional blackmail to rob them of sweets.

People in America are also under pressure. TV stations are trying to outdo each other in providing their viewers with extremely scary movies. Chilling motifs also appear in cooking programs, and most girls are tempted by ads that suggest which outfit to invest to make the right impression on family, peers and accidentally encountered pedestrians. And nobody dreams to look like me Hanna Montana anymore. Monster High has been in fashion for several seasons.

Not so scary devil

Voices criticizing Halloween most often they fall from the lips of clergy, for whom even A nice white kitty with a characteristic bow in the color of intense pink is a satanic symbol.

However, does anyone who transforms a garden pumpkin into a ghostly lantern, throws a party with a thrill, or hangs the house and trees growing in the neighbor's garden with toilet paper, at the same time practicing black magic, or using a tablet called Ouija trying to make contact with the spirit of Hitler or disturb the peace of wandering souls?

All Hallows Eve can be a great excuse to have fun, to spend creative time with family and friends. It doesn't have to be limited to shopping spree (the famous Black Friday, abundant with deadly discounts and unearthly shop promotions), and thus to big commercial use. All you need is a bit of fantasy and good intentions.

A party with ghosts

Our kids usually make the greatest joy manual work. The possibility of making toys by yourself, constructing buildings and vehicles not only has a positive effect on small motor skills, enables learning about various creative techniques, improves concentration, stimulates the imagination and, above all, gives many reasons to be proud. After all, a happy and content child in the future will be more willing to take up challenges and used creative solutions.


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