Cheapest shopping for parents

Cheapest shopping for parents

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Are you going shopping? Be sure to check out our summary. You will find a list of the cheapest products in the largest stores in Poland.


  • Bebiko baby milk in Auchan for PLN 12.69.
  • Nestle Junior 350 g milk at Tesco for PLN 28 for two packages.
  • Enfamil Premium milk at Tesco 800 grams for PLN 44.99.
  • Hipp Bio Combiotik baby milk in Real for PLN 36.99.
  • Hipp tea for children 200 grams in Kaufland for PLN 8.79 instead of PLN 10.99.
  • Hipp dishes different flavors (190g + 190g) in the net for 7.99 PLN. In Real, we will receive one jar of Hipp for PLN 4.99.
  • Hipp fruit and cereals in Net (1290g + 190g) in Net for PLN 7.99.
  • BoboVita rice porridge in Real for PLN 5.49.
  • BoboVita milk-rice porridge for children in Carrefour for PLN 5.69.
  • BoboVita children's dish first spoon in Carrefour for PLN 2.99 second jar for a penny.
  • Babydream milk-rice porridge in Rossmann for PLN 4.49.
  • Babydream spaghetti and pumpkin with rice in Rossmann for PLN 2.99.


  • diapers Pampers midi multibox186 pcs in Tesco for PLN 91 instead of PLN 120.
  • diapers Pampers Mega Box in Carrefour for PLN 79.49.
  • Johnson's Baby wipes 4 packages in Net price of PLN 17.89.
  • wet wipes for children and babies 72 pieces Auchan brand in Auchan for PLN 3.49 per pack.
  • Pampers Active Baby wet wipes 6 packs in Tesco for PLN 24.99. Whereas 4 packages in Carrefour for PLN 18.99.
  • Kindii Skin Balance wipes at Tesco at PLN 8.99 instead of PLN 13.69 for three packs.
  • Huggies wet wipes 3 packages in Real for PLN 14.49.
  • Linomag baby care cream in Real for PLN 6.99.
  • Nivea Baby lotion or shampoo in Carrefour for PLN 12.89.
  • washing powder Jelp 2.24 kg at Tesco for 34.99 PLN instead of 41.99 PLN.
  • Nivea Baby delicate care oil in Rossmann for PLN 9.99 instead of PLN 12.49.
  • Dac Perfecta Mama cosmetics against stretch marks and anti-cellulite at the Drogeria Natura for PLN 18.99.

Accessories and toys

  • doll house furniture of various types in Net prices for PLN 17.99.
  • The jumping frogs game in Net for PLN 9.99.

Promotion time
Kaufland October 24-30, 2013
Net 21.10-27.10.2013
Auchan October 24-31, 2013
Real 24-30.10.2013
Tesco 24 -20.10.2013
Rossmann 25.10-03.11.2013
Polo Market October 23-29, 2013
Drogeria Natura 24.10-06.11.2013

Carrefour October 23-28, 2013