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"Second child. Survival Guide "

"Second child. Survival Guide "

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For the book "Second child. Survival Guide. ”By English author Naia Edwards I first came to the bookstore in the parent's guidebook section. A simple title and bright, transparent cover caught my attention. I immediately took the guide with the intention of buying it. A moment later, doubts arose in me, whether it is not too early for such reading or not to fail. I quickly put the book back on the shelf and fled to another store.

It was a month after I saw two red lines on the pregnancy test, i.e. around the ninth week of pregnancy. More and more questions and fears arose in my head regarding the care of two children, the next delivery, the organization of space in a small apartment. I shared this with women who were also pregnant. I received support and the awareness that not only I am experiencing such fears. However, I felt that I needed specific advice and solutions so that I could at least imagine organize a new life with my two children.

Second pregnancy. How it will be?

At the same time, my friend who was in the process of making decisions about her second child faced a similar problem. It was a great surprise for me when, during a visit to her, I received a gift "Second child. Survival Guide. " Then, without remorse I sat down to read.

We will have a second child

The beginning of the book did not bring me to my knees. It concerns getting used to the fact of being pregnant and giving birth. I thought that after all I know IT and why DO it change once again. Now I understand that this reaction was caused by my very much big fears about the next deliverywhich was quite traumatic the first time.

After some time, I reached into these chapters again and found many tips and tricks that helped me. Very comforting are the fragments saying that the second delivery is easier from the physiological but also the psychological side. You should learn from the first delivery and consciously approach the next delivery, excluding factors that have harmed or disturbed us, and be based on what has helped and supported. These are very simple, but also useful tips. Thanks to this, I know how to construct my new birth plan.

As in life, a new child appears in the book and the first days alone in the hospital. The author urges you to take full advantage of this time because these are the first and last moments when we can focus on caring for only one childbecause at home an older, longing toddler is waiting for us who will need a lot of our attention. The chapter on returning home with a newborn baby is a treasury of knowledge for me. Great advice on how to naturally and peacefully introduce a new family member to your home, with a special focus on the well-being of an older child. When I told my husband about these ways, he thanked me for this, stating that he felt smarter and more prepared for this important day. This is due to the fact that we were both worried about that in the organization of a new life we ​​will skip our son and he will feel abandoned. Now, after reading, our fears are less because we know how to prevent it.

The following chapters deal with siblings care and nurture at the same time. The author raises problems related to sleeping two children, feeding them and going for a walk or shopping in their company. He does not present these activities in a pink light, but he gives advice. According to her, the way to do this is to organize well and plan many things in advance. It draws attention to the activity of mother and children. I really like that he pushes children outside the walls of the house. He claims that it serves, first and foremost, my mother's mental well-being. Suggests various ways of spending time outside the apartment. The fragment about was very valuable to me choosing a way of transport for children. We have long wondered whether to buy a double stroller, or an extra bed for an older child is enough, or maybe a sling for a younger or older on a leash. Parents' statements, which often occur in this book, convinced me completely to buy a double stroller. Now, without a doubt, I look through offers and focus on choosing a model.

The last topic covered in the guide is time we return to work or the decision to stay with children for a long time. At the end, the author has placed several statements and advice from parents "how to not go crazy with all this", which give great optimism and give energy to cope with the task of having two children.

I hope that I encouraged you to read the guide. You don't have to read it from cover to cover. The subsections are short and clearly titled, so it's easy to find interesting topics when browsing the book.

Sometimes it may seem that this position is too embedded in English realities, but I think that showing opportunities unknown to us is useful and leads to development.

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