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Mum after hours. Female passions. History of Ula

Mum after hours. Female passions. History of Ula

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When, after several months of expectations, the family grows, the world ordered so far is starting to require rapid reorganization. The hierarchy of priorities changes, and the free time that a woman can devote to herself becomes a luxury. With time, when the child does not require constant care, the former or a completely new hobby returns to favor and allows at least a moment to break away from diapers, soups, poop, colic and painful teething.

Many of us prefer home duties over our own pleasures, which in time become just a pleasant memory. Although our partners are increasingly aware of how much we need them to relieve us of some responsibilities, still many women are adopting an attitude, housewife ", a martyr who suffers in the name of the idea of ​​Zosia Samosi. And yet there are women, mothers and partners among us who can devote themselves to their passions in their free time. They sew, paint, create original jewelry, write stories or bake real wonders. Some of them skillfully combine hobby with work and decide to open their own business. They acquire customers in small steps and fill the market niche with something special. The possibility of development on many levels, not only those related to family responsibilities, makes them fulfilled and have the strength to face the failures of fate.

History written with wires

It all began with a box filled with yarns, wires and crochet. This set of needlework first went to Ula's older sister. After several unsuccessful attempts, the teenager decided to abandon the missed gift and indulge in a hobby that was more adequate for a girl her age. Meanwhile, the contents of a small wooden box interested Ula, who was then attending elementary school. The talent in her fingers required the help of someone familiar with the subject. Extra-curricular technical activities proved to be a hit. The home library grew with popular notebooks with interesting stitches at the time, while Ula proudly presented scarves, gloves and even sweaters.

Crochet versus wing

Work in a well-known restaurant, dates with a man who later put a gold ring on her finger, and the appearance of the long-awaited daughter in the world slightly pushed the hobby into the background. When Emilka, Ula's daughter, began to be more independent, free time spent on an interesting book, in front of a computer monitor, among friends and at romantic dinners with her husband, because of her repetition, our heroine was not enough. The need to create something creative, which at the same time will be a challenge, but also a way to de-stress and calm down after an eventful day, made the crochet and knit box viewed with nostalgia, along with some hand-made works, returned to favor. Since then, knitting has become a daily ritual for Ula. Socks, hats and headbands for the daughter looked great on the little model, while for her mother they were the best form of advertising. Soon friends and extended family members began to place their first orders.

And what does the husband say? Hives? "He claims to have extraordinary abilities. He is happy that I have a hobby, because then in his spare time he can take care of his passion, which is computer games ... - Ula says with a smile - My sister thinks it is not fair, that all talent went only to one of the sisters ( laughs) While mother and mother-in-law rave about my handicrafts and advertise them to friends as much as they can. In turn, my friends agree that I do not look like a "knit" like their grandmothers ... "

Tiger or maybe an owl? This is a challenge

The Internet allowed not only to follow trends in crochet fashion, but above all it has become a way to reach new customers. She searched for inspiration for subsequent projects in specialist books, as well as among women, bloggers, who, like her, were passionate about yarn and knitting needles. Over time, making a hat that looked like a frog or an owl ceased to be a problem. Delicate, soft to the touch and pleasantly warm shoes they went to mothers of newborn children, they decorated christening clothes and were a decoration of family photo sessions. When maternity leave ended, Ula started looking for a new job. The stress of subsequent interviews disappeared when she took the crochet hook.

Happiness knitted

As for the medieval knight, the sword was an extension of the hand, so for Ula the tools from the casket inherited from her sister became an inseparable element of life.
Ula's handicrafts are happy high praise not just because they are uniquebut above all created on special order, in accordance with customer guidelines. Although, he admits, there are minor misunderstandings that result from the fact that some people are unable to make the final decision about the pattern or color of the ordered item and change the original concept several times. Sometimes it happens that the client, despite Ula's instructions, makes a wrong measurement of the child's head and the hat made is too small. Sometimes the fault lies on the haberdashery or shop where Ula orders materials that are not available on time.

piethe first test of passion? Ula admits that the biggest challenge for her was to make a hat for a child who had not yet been born. The woman carrying her first baby was convinced that Ula would fulfill her order perfectly. "I was extremely stressed during knitting because I did not know the size of the baby's head ... The" berry "hat turned out to be perfectly matched," recalls the heroine of the article. Currently, a woman is working on headbands and a hat with an animal motif. She told me that she was very happy when she notices a child walking with her daughter who is wearing a piece of clothing she has made herself.

Crochet problems

The biggest competitor of needlework is fatigue when the hands refuse to obey and the number of stitches in a given row is confused. Sometimes the prospect of spending the evening in front of the TV with my beloved husband becomes more appealing than even the most sophisticated project. However, family and friends are not only supportive, but also Ula the best motivation for crocheting and knitting. They are proud of her work and disseminate to friends that they know a woman who has made her needlework a passion.

Business idea?

Ula does not treat her hobby as a profitable business. The amount of time she devotes to completing orders does not allow her to set up a business and treat her handicrafts as the main source of income. In addition, the prices of its products, which are in the range of PLN 10-30, would not be so favorable then. As she emphasizes, knitting and crocheting is primarily a passion and a way to calm down after a busy day.