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The infant is defenseless. So fragile, tiny, he can't do anything, he won't say what he needs, he just screams and cries, he calls to eat, and he wants to sleep again. When will you finally be able to play with him / her?

What if the baby after birth ... was completely different? Helped older siblings? He knew how the world works: how to open a fridge, make a sandwich or change a diaper? And if the toddler successfully solved the problems of his older brother, deducing how to protect him from constantly teasing a classmate? That would be a super child, or Super-Charlie.

The Black Owieczka publishing house has published a book by the world-famous crime master Camilla Lackberg. "Super-Charlie." This position is interesting because it tells about a toddler who after birth is not like an infant, but a hero who can fly and reveals his secret to one person in the family: grandmother.

The story is ideal not only for an elderly man who is just welcoming his younger sister or brother at home, but also for a preschooler who meets the child from time to time in the family. It is an excellent introduction to conversations with children about small children.

Interesting story and interestingly illustrated.

Thank you to the Czarna Owieczka Publishing House for providing a copy of the review book.