Pregnancy / Childbirth

Interesting ideas for photos with a tummy

Interesting ideas for photos with a tummy

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Pregnancy changes a woman's body. It never looks like it is expecting a child. It is no wonder that most future mums like to photograph themselves during pregnancy, "remembering" the photos in the next stages and changes in an amazing nine months.

There are many ideas on how to plan a photo session during pregnancy. Below are some suggestions, in our opinion, interesting and noteworthy. Perhaps you will use one of them?

Pregnant with loved ones

Did you like touching your pregnant tummy? Some moms get angry when someone does it all of a sudden and without notice. However, when a tummy touches a loved one, trying to make contact with the child in this way, it is completely different ...

When a woman is pregnant, older children must be prepared for the new situation. A photo session during pregnancy can help.

Let's show crunches