6 steps on how to properly bathe a newborn baby

6 steps on how to properly bathe a newborn baby

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The baby is very delicate right after birth, so you need to handle it carefully. New parents often have the dilemma of how to deal with such a small thing on a daily basis so as not to hurt it. Still in the hospital you can watch how midwives drip or take care of your newborn baby's belly button, but then you have to do these activities yourself at home. Of course, there are such moms who already in the hospital demand exclusive care for the baby and do it perfectly, but most are worried. What should a newborn baby's bath look like?

First step

Preparation of the room and necessary things

The newborn baby should have a bath calm and stress freebecause the toddler will quickly sense our fears. It's best to prepare the right accessories at the very beginning and have them available when needed. It's best to start by preparing the tub (or a special bucket), which should first of all be clean and placed on a stable surface. A changing table will also be useful, where we can undress the baby and then dress up (although there are moms who can do without a changing table). There should also be a soft towel on hand (it may be with a hood), bath foam (soap, emulsion, etc.), cotton pads, sterile swabs, diaper nappy, bowl with boiled water, hairbrush, anti-chafing ointment, olive (possibly balm, face cream). Let's also prepare a clothes and a diaper.

Step two

Room and water preparation

The perfect bathing room is the bathroom, because we have access to water and the necessary accessories at hand. However, you can also have a little bath in the room or the kitchen. It should be remembered, however, that the room should be warm, about 25 degrees. The water temperature is also important: preferably around 36-37 degrees. It can be measured with a special thermometer or dipping the elbow. There should not be too much water in the tub so as not to wet the navel. If you are afraid that your baby will not slip, you can spread a diaper, a special sponge or a plastic tub insert to the bottom of the tub.

Step three

Cleanning face

Before we start to bathe a newborn baby in the bathtub, it is worth cleaning his face first. Wet the eyes with moistened in boiled (lukewarm) swab, starting from the temples and wipe dry. Do the same with the nose, gently wipe with a damp swab, then dry, do not clean the nose with sticks, if necessary, you can clean the inside with an aspirator or a pear. Then wipe the outside of the ears with a damp cotton swab and wipe dry. With a sterile swab dipped in boiled water or an infusion of chamomile, lightly rub the baby's gums. The rest of the face is cleaned with a damp swab and wiped dry.