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How much does love for a child cost?

How much does love for a child cost?

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Let's follow two situations that the media reported in recent days.

First: Gdańsk a child in the window of life. The boy left by his parents was picked up by nuns working at the Single Mother's House. The child was most likely born the day before. The boy was taken to hospital. The adoption process will now start.

Second situation: Radio Olsztyn reported that a family from Olsztyn decided to buy a child for PLN 400,000. The prosecution charged a 23-year-old woman with a charge of trafficking in human beings. She is facing 15 years in prison. The woman decided during pregnancy that she would not raise an infant. She found people willing to "buy a child". All details have been discussed over the internet.

Two similar situations of two families who for some reason could not take care of the child. One uses the opportunity to give away a newborn baby, leaving it in a safe place, window of life, and the other, where the "enterprising" mother decides to earn a pregnancy and ... a large sum of 400 thousand zlotys.

These two stories, unparalleled but deliberately juxtaposed, could arouse similar emotions: a bad mother, bad parents, unimaginable suffering ... Meanwhile, you can't compare leaving a child in the window of life with selling it to others, who probably offered a larger sum.

That is why we must not condemn leaving a child in the window of life. Parents who do this certainly face personal drama. You must respect this decision. They could have chosen differently ...

It is necessary to condemn the trafficking of human beings and the heroes of all those stories known in the media that everyone certainly remembers, and which probably do not need to mention here.