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Benbat GoVinci backpack

Benbat GoVinci backpack

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A simple idea that is theoretically easy to come up with has become an initiative for the design of this backpack. Theoretically, you can imagine that it will become the participation of many companies. In the meantime, lead me out of my mistake, if I'm wrong, but it's probably the only product that allows me to constantly display the effects of my own work: drawings, paintings, cut-outs, everything that can fit on a small piece of paper.

The backpack is available in three colors: pink, blue and green.

In addition to the classic chamber, which will contain the basic things needed for kindergarten or for a trip, it has a transparent window in the front part, under which you can insert a previously painted picture or drawing.

According to the manufacturer, the backpack can also act as a table, but in my opinion it is not the most convenient to paint, although it can be insistent and would work in this topic.

The materials from which the backpack is made are easy to clean. Their durability is rather satisfactory. Unfortunately, you can complain about the transparent part of the window, which is quite easy to scratch. Fortunately, after putting the drawing under it, the scratches are virtually imperceptible.

Unfortunately, it is a matter of price. The backpack costs 115 PLN. This is way too much. However, this cost can be reduced by asking the family to buy a backpack, for example at the earliest opportunity: even a child's birthday.

  • size: 30.5 x 26 x 10.5 cm,
  • for children 2 years +

I generally rate the product highly. A well-deserved hit!

The manufacturer also offers a suitcase in a similar version.