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The Klara Smily Play caterpillar

The Klara Smily Play caterpillar

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The caterpillar is virtually indestructible, provides many opportunities to play and has a good price. Tested for several months, there is no reason to complain. We like it (especially due to the possibility of turning down the volume) as well as the daughter. This is reason enough to classify her as a parental hit and recommend it to others.

A toy that grows with your child

Real interest in Caterpillar Klara appeared around her first birthday. Earlier, the daughter looked at the toy shyly: she reached for the tentacles and studied the green creature with small hands clearly encouraged to do so.

Everything changed around the first birthday, when the caterpillar gave a lot of opportunities to play together. At the beginning it was proudly moved from place to place (it is not a light toy like a feather, but it is not the heaviest one as well), then it was time to try to pull the toy by the mounted rope.


Today, when her daughter is almost a year and a half, Klara is still one of her favorite toys. You can press colorful shapes on her torso to learn numbers, letters and shapes.

Particular interest is aroused by the wheel, which was "worked out" when inserting blocks into the sorter while playing. In addition, there is an asterisk, heart, flower, square and triangle - i.e. standard shapes appearing in various toys for children, which allows babies to acquire new knowledge and remember what children have learned while playing with other toys.

In addition, the caterpillar has a button that allows you to change the fun option to numbers and letters, teaching the first three values ​​in each of them: 1-2-3 and A-B-C.

The Smily Play caterpillar "speaks Polish." In addition to sound effects, it also affects the baby's eyesight. The buttons and tentacle of the toys are lit, encouraging fun.

High durability and price

Another advantage is the caterpillar's very high durability. The toy is resistant to impacts and falls even from a great height. Its structure remains intact.

The price may also be encouraging: around PLN 50. Compared to Gawsienica Fisher Price, which costs about 120 zlotys, not much. Of course, you can argue and convinced that the Fisher Price caterpillar has more functions (sings, imitates the voices of animals), but it is impossible not to notice its disadvantages. The main complaint about Gawędziary Fisher Price can be due to images that are not careful enough, as one would expect. They do not reflect as well presented animals and objects as they could (e.g. a dog looks like a bear).

What speaks for plus Smily Play toys? The Klara caterpillar can be easily kept clean, and in the case of the mentioned Fisher Price toy it is difficult because of the stickers that children like to tear, and cleaning them is also a problem (e.g. removing a dried banana or a crunchy one is a challenge). There is something else. You can complain that the Fisher Price toy is unbalanced and keeps falling over. In the case of Caterpillar Klara there is no problem with these drawbacks. What is equally important, I do not find any drawbacks, and even if I wanted to, I have nothing to fault.