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Conjured from leaves

Conjured from leaves

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Autumn is a time when it gets cold outside, the sun is shining very rarely, but there is plenty of rain. Due to the weather, we spend less time outside with children, and at home there is a lack of ideas for fun. However, if you manage to go for an autumn walk, you need to make the most of it. Not only to take full breasts of fresh air, but also the treasures of autumn. During walks, we collect various treasures, stones, flowers, and in autumn leaves, acorns and chestnuts. Since chestnuts and acorns have not fallen yet, we have found leaves and rowan. Leaves brought home we dry accordingly. There are many ways, you can iron them through a linen cloth with an iron, remove them in a mushroom dryer, or put between the pages of the book (in this case it is good to separate the leaf from the book with a newspaper or breakfast paper so as not to stain the pages).

What can you do with leaves at home?


Leaves for bouquets should have stems so that they can be freely put in the vase. Whole dried leaf branches look good too. There are really many ideas, it all depends on our imagination and the type of leaves we have.


Dried leaves can be used to create an interesting image. All you need is a piece of paper, leaves and good glue. The leaves can be glued so as to create abstract images or choose a theme. We managed to make leaves butterfly and squirrel. It depends what leaves we collect and what the imagination tells us. You can picture frame it and hang it on the wall, To avoid quick dusting, it is worth spraying the leaves with hairspray.