Bakoma fries

Bakoma fries

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A fruity mousse that you can take anywhere where you don't need a teaspoon, that's what Fruciaki is. Manufacturer Bakoma known mainly for the production of yogurt, this time he created a fruit mousse without a gram of milk additive.

However, in its composition included (apple and peach mousse): apples (63%), peaches (35%), sugar, citric acid, ascorbic acid (antioxidant, vitamin C).

The short composition means that there are no enhancers in it and the high content of fruit and unfortunately sugar can be assessed quite high. The taste of the mousse is not too sweet if I did not read the composition, I would not even know that the manufacturer added sugar. Perhaps the reason is the addition of quite sour, intense in taste apples.

Is the mousse tasty? A matter of taste, I like the fruit enclosed in jars from leading producers of ready-made meals for babies.

The incredible advantage of the mousse is its packaging, a sachet with a cap, which you do not need to store in the fridge. You can easily throw your child into a purse or backpack, so that they can eat if needed. The form of the sachet can also encourage more than one eater to eat a portion of fruit, although at the expense of sugar contained in them.

I am pleasantly surprised by the information I found on the packaging: "leaving a small cap to a small child may be in danger" for the first time I met with such attention from the manufacturer, probably few people will read it, but if so, be careful, which we parents often forget .

A 90 g container can be purchased for around PLN 2, for which we will buy many an apple, although it is already peeled and worn.

The mousse comes in three flavors: apple-peach, apple, apple-strawberry.

Can such a mousse replace a daily portion of fruit? Rather sporadically and it would be better to have a type of dessert than a meal for a child.

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