Universal flu vaccine?

Universal flu vaccine?

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The effectiveness of vaccines is assessed differently today. Especially those that have been used on a wider scale for only a dozen or so or several dozen seasons. For example, there are skeptical voices that suggest that vaccination against influenza virus makes no sense, because the virus mutates too quickly. Flu is able to change the surrounding protein as quickly as we can outfits. That is why symptomatic treatment, relaxing at home and patience are still the only effective way to get the flu. At least until ... until researchers' announcements become reality.

According to BBC News, the researchers say they have taken a significant step towards creating a vaccine that will protect against every type of flu. The team from Imperial College London, publishing their findings in "Nature Medicine," says they have discovered how to create a universal influenza vaccine. The discovery focuses on the common part of most influenza viruses: the core.

There is something else. A team of researchers has analyzed groups of T cells that are expected to determine the mild course of the flu. The higher the T cell level observed in the patient, the milder the disease was. They emphasize that they need five more years to create an effective influenza vaccine that will focus on stimulating T cell responses to successfully fight the infection.

Until now, scientists have achieved high effectiveness by giving children a nasal spray to improve the immune response in the fight against danger. Unfortunately, the same method is not equally effective in adults. The new publication provides information on specific features of specific T-cell groups. This information will be useful in monitoring the immune response to vaccination when testing new influenza vaccines that have been designed to protect against pandemic as well as seasonal influenza virus.

There is something to fight for. Seasonal flu kills 250,000 to 500,000 people each year.