Marimer Baby nasal spray

Marimer Baby nasal spray

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A runny nose in a small child is particularly troublesome. It makes sucking difficult, disturbs sleep, prevents joyful play and distorts days. When it concerns an infant, it can also quickly turn into a difficult-to-treat disease, affecting the bronchi and lungs. For this reason, proper nose care is important: moisturizing and cleaning the mucosa.

The sea salt solution not only moisturizes, but also facilitates the removal of excess nasal secretions. It is available in various forms. Described on the Sterminar website, as well as a proposal from another manufacturer: Marimer.

Marimer is available in two versions: classical and baby. On the large packaging (100ml) you will find information that the product is suitable for adults, infants and young children. In contrast, Marimer Baby is a nasal spray created for use on children from first days of life. Thanks to the microdiffusion system, Marimer ensures gentle drainage of nasal secretions, thus facilitating breathing. The same effect can be achieved with the "baby" and universal versions. But what is the difference between two bottles?

For sure capacity. Classic marimer is 100 ml of the preparation and 500 doses. Marimer baby is 50 ml of the preparation (the manufacturer does not specify the number of doses). On the Marimer Baby spray we can read the information that it is suitable for children from 1 day of age. The bottle has smaller tip (Marimer in the classic version has a longer and thin tip), which is placed around the lobes of the nose. Marimer Baby also sprays a lighter, more diffused mist than the classic version.

Therefore, if we buy a product for children, there is no reason to trust the statements that there is no difference between the two products, because they are significant. For the youngest children, and even such around three years old, the "baby" version will be better. When choosing a classic, we must take into account the protests of the toddler. Too much strength of solution coming out can be negatively assessed by children.

Overall product rating Marimer Baby (around PLN 25)