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Looking for a formal dress for my daughter, I came to the store. I chose the sale model. I ordered, paid and after two days I picked up the phone. Nice lady explained to me that unfortunately they had a system error and the ordered dress is out of stock. I will not say that this information delighted me, because, unfortunately, rather irritated. The more that you said that the dress was sold a few weeks earlier ...

Fortunately, a good suggestion was made: "you will choose something in return. No matter what dress from the store. ”And since the choice at is large, I could find something in return.

So I searched and received instead of the first chosen dress, a dress with a bolero and headband for several dozen zlotys more than the first. Plus, the ordered pants came to me and they were in stock, there was no problem with them.

I rate the store based on this one order. And although I didn't receive the chosen dress, the service response was immediate. Nobody offered me a replacement of the product for a similar one within a certain price range, but I was given a very wide selection, which is why I think that this way I was compensated for the loss I had previously suffered.

As for the quality of clothing, it can be assessed high. The dress is indeed "formal" in the full sense of the word. The pants are made of good quality material. Everything is durable and well made. The price is not the lowest, it could be more attractive, but considering the quality, it can be accepted (by shopping from time to time for special occasions). The store's assortment also includes footwear, baptism sets, accessories (e.g. tights), blouses, shoes.

Plus also for express shipping.

I will probably come back here again. Overall rating: