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Mommy, how beautiful you are. Makeup

Mommy, how beautiful you are. Makeup

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Most young mothers feel neglected and tired of motherhood. Exhausting childbirth, then sleepless nights, diapers, bottles, etc. - this can take away all strength to think about something other than sleep and rest. There is not much time left to take care of yourself, and makeup or mask simply goes to the background. Despite this, sometimes it is worth getting up a few minutes earlier or lie down a bit later, or plan your day so as to find at least a moment to take care of yourself. After all, the need to please husbands and children is not unknown to young mothers either. There is therefore much to seek!

Time for mom

Immediately after getting out of bed it's best wash your face with milk and tonic, or simply wash it with water and face gel. It would be good if the skin was dry before applying the cream, so this time can be spent combing. There is no point in taking intricate upholstery, because it is all about time and convenience. Pinning long hair or combing short hair shouldn't be a problem.

When the hairstyle is ready, it's time to pat the cream into the skin - of course, suitable for our skin type. A good solution will be to use an eye cream that will reduce bags under the eyes - the effect of a sleepless night.
Then you need to look at the imperfection of our skin ... and it is different - pimples, redness, bruises under the eyes. If there is a need, all kinds of unwanted guests should be masked with foundation, preferably in a cream and concealer, then it is worth fixing everything with a slightly loose powder (if your complexion has no problems, you can easily skip this step).

The watchful eye of mom is watching

The next stage is mascara, like no philosophy, but remember to treat mascara at least twice, and the effect will be satisfactory. To enhance makeup you can use eye shadow, pencil or eyeliner before applying mascaraHowever, this is not essential, and without this stage you can also look beautiful - especially if you prefer a natural look.

Mouth protected

It's best to paint your lips protective lipstickto moisturize them. Unless one of you has such a need, you can use lipstick or lip gloss, which, unfortunately, can be quickly "eaten" in everyday practice. Hence, delicate care that leaves no feeling of emptiness similar to when the lip gloss or lipstick disappears from the mouth seems more convenient for mom.

Make-up dot above and

Finally, it is worth brushing your cheeks with pink and your face will become radiant and expressive. Now look in the mirror to see that it is much better! You are ready for an active day and the makeup took little time, only 5-10 minutes.

What else will make you look beautiful effortlessly?

A golden remedy for the torment of everyday makeup can turn out to be henna. Used by our grandmothers, we have, and can make life easier for us. It can be used to dye not only eyebrows but also eyelashes. And most importantly, it is safe during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. I especially recommend dyeing eyelashes, which will give them an effect similar to that after painting, although it certainly will not be a silent effect. Henna can be bought at any drugstore, it costs a penny, because a small package to be used 2-3 times is only 2-3 PLN.

The adventure with henna should begin from checking that the product does not sensitize us. It's worth spreading henna making a small dot behind the ear (very small - because it will be hard to wash off) and if you don't have an allergic reaction during the day, you can act - although, as a rule, such a test will rarely give us a negative result, which will exclude application of the preparation to a larger area.

Henna can be bought in various colors (black, brown, graphite henna is available) and consistency (powder - best for eyelashes, gel - recommended for eyebrows). Henna should be ground in a glass container (e.g. a glass) with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide.

Usually, information on how to prepare the henna is on the packaging. Let's remember that use a small amount of henna, because the product is very efficient, and the henna consistency after crushing should resemble thick cream.

Let's watch out for clothes, because henna can't be repelled and it can mark its presence for a long time. Best use gloves.

Spreading henna on your eyebrows shouldn't be a problem, it's enough according to the hair growth apply the mixture with a wooden stick or brush and after about 2 minutes wash with a cotton swab soaked in water, in case of difficulties you can also help with soap.

Note - we always make eyebrow henna before adjusting it, because irritation may occur or colored spots may appear in the place where the hair is removed!

Dyeing eyelashes requires a larger philosophy. It would be good to ask a friend for help. What should you do? At the beginning of cut the cotton swab in half, then thickly grease the skin under the eyes with petroleum jelly (or greasy cream) and put a cotton pad under the lower eyelids. We close our eyes and let my friend will apply a thick layer of henna on the eyelashes. You have to be careful that henna does not hit the eye, because it burns very much. After 10 minutes, wash your eyelashes the same way as for eyebrows.

If you don't have a friend on hand, you have to do it yourself, you can try apply henna with an open eye, but this requires more practice and the first time applying henna can be too difficult. It can be helpful to some extent an ink brush. If we have any unnecessary, good, we can use it. If not, then you need to remove the brush from the mascara, wash it well with soap and water, dry with a paper towel and dipping in henna, mascara the eyelashes. Let's remember to do it carefully. Preferably eyelash by eyelash, first the upper, then the lower eyelashes (wash the brush in soap and water, dry and "give" to mascara). If we can skillfully draw a line on the upper eyelid with a pencil, applying it with a stick should not cause a problem, and we will get the effect of a line drawn on the eye as if we were using a pencil. As I mentioned above, after 10 minutes we wash with a wet swab from top to bottom.

After such a "henna" procedure, we have to correct the eye frame at least for two weeks. This is how makeup is made waterproof, you can easily go out to the pool, do not be afraid that tears will threaten its durability, we can rub your eyes without fear and nothing will run down, in addition, we save a lot of time in the morning to prepare makeup and in the evening with makeup removal - so maybe worth a try?

If we are afraid to apply henna ourselves, we can always see a beautician (a solution sometimes more difficult to implement with a small child, but more reliable for people who do not trust their own skills and feel insecure in any cosmetic news).


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