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Extra-curricular activities in kindergarten ... and another petition

Extra-curricular activities in kindergarten ... and another petition

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Krystyna Szumilas's reforms do not enjoy public support. On the contrary, another of them has caused a wave of protests. The change, which is supposed to have a positive impact on the functioning of kindergartens and, in line with the argument "to equalize social chances", raises dissatisfaction for both parents and kindergarten directors and small entrepreneurs who have so far offered extra classes in kindergartens.

Changes from September 1

On September 1, changes came into force, according to which parents for each additional hour of childcare (the first 5 is financed by the municipality) can not pay more than a zloty. As a result of this provision, kindergartens had to give up cooperation with many external companies that offered the organization of classes: theater circles, ballet classes, chess, etc., because the fees for them do not exceed the symbolic zloty designated by the Ministry.

Petition and changes

There has been a petition on the Internet, so far signed by thousands of parents, which calls on the Ministry of Education to amend the pre-school law or to interpret the provisions that will allow to organize classes in kindergartens under the current conditions.

The petition is another specific symptom of parents' irritation, often angry that they cannot buy a child the activities in which the toddler has liked to take part so far. Parents argue that the changes introduced are inappropriate because the Ministry limits their choice of development paths for children. This attitude is understood by many teachers in kindergartens, indicating that the changes interfere too much in the activity of the facility. It is now the directors' responsibility to explain the consequences of the new regulations to upset parents.

Entrepreneurs who lose their jobs overnight and often the only source of income are also dissatisfied.

Those dissatisfied with the changes associate their profile on Facebook: Extra-curricular activities in kindergarten? I'm on yes.

There is no problem?

According to the Ministry, the problem does not exist, because kindergartens can still organize extra-curricular activities, but without charging high fees for them.

The Ministry of National Education suggests employing teachers with additional qualifications. Unfortunately, this is often impossible in practice. Newly recruited teachers would receive low salaries (typical for people just starting work), and the previously practiced model of work in several institutions is more attractive for them. Additionally, by using the offers of external companies, parents and children could benefit from the help of qualified persons. Employment of "one person from everything" (playing the piano, theater classes, learning English) is also a worse option because of the inferiority of competences in each of the selected areas.

Lowering fees for extra-curricular activities will also have other consequences. Some parents indicate that they must ensure that they pay extra to ensure that the kindergarten does not run out of toilet paper and soap.

It is hard to resist the impression that the Ministry of National Education once again introduces the act, without public consultations that would avoid many mistakes ... And, unfortunately, we are sending the rulers to the donkey bench again. PUTTY!


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